Award Sponsorship Opportunites

We are seeking new sponsors of Awards

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring an Award
The sponsor of an award has the opportunity to name the award that they sponsor. However, final approval for the name of any award rests with NHWT:HK.

We appreciate that sponsors may want to support specific qualities or skills with their contributions. Special conditions may be agreed to for a sponsored award, as long as these fall within the objectives of the Trust. For example, applicants may be required to be studying in a particular field or need to be residing in a specific locality or region, or be over a certain age. Please feel free to discuss any conditions you may want when sponsoring an award.

In order to administer the award (including maintaining the application site, publicising the awards, fund the Trusts software, meeting costs, staff time and award ceremonies) we ask for sponsors to make a contribution of an additional 10% of the award value as an administration charge. Subsequent administration fees will be 5% if funding more than one award in a year.

We are prepared to administer a range of awards to women and are happy to discuss any ideas you may have. The types of awards we have administered to date include but are not limited to:

Second Chance Education Foundation/Diploma Study Awards
Second Chance Education Foundation Study awards are made available to women who have not previously gained a tertiary qualification higher than NZQA level 3 and who are currently studying towards a Foundation Studies programme at NZQA Level 3 to 6 that is being delivered by a NZQA approved organisation. A Foundation Study award is $1000 with an administration contribution of $100.

Second Chance Education Degree Study Awards
Second Chance Education Degree Study awards are made available to women who do not yet have a qualification higher than NZQA Level 4 and who are currently studying towards a Degree qualification that is being delivered by a NZQA approved organisation. A Second Chance Education Degree/Diploma award is made for a minimum of $3000 per award, with $300  administration charge.

Research Awards
Research Awards are made for research that benefits women and girls. They are currently made for a minimum of $5000 per award with a $500 administration charge.

Other Awards or Specific Purpose awards
New Horizons for Women Trust: Hine Kahukura administers a variety of awards that promote the Trust’s objectives. Some examples of these awards are the Refugee Study awards for women with lived experience of being a refugee. Another example of this type of specific purpose award is the Sonja Davies Peace Award that is available to a woman, or a group led by a woman, who are developing an initiative that will help create a more peaceful world at home, school, workplace or the community.


Endowment of a named award in perpetuity
The interest of an endowment funds the award. The capital of a “ring-fenced” fund is not touched. Generally, these awards are annual or biennial and only offered when they have accrued enough interest to do so. Sufficient interest is retained in the fund to increase the value of the award over time. A small percentage of the interest generated goes to the Trust’s general fund to cover costs of the award ceremonies and administration. 

Endowment funds are the subject of a signed memorandum of understanding between the donor and the Trust. A range of special conditions may be agreed upon.

The investment required to endow a Second Chance Education Award in perpetuity is from $65000. The investment required to endow a research award is from $100,000.

A named award for several years
A donation that is more than that required to fund a single award, but not sufficient to fund an award in perpetuity is held in a diminishing fund. That is, both the interest and capital may be used to fund an award until the fund is exhausted. The minimum investment is $10,000

Annual Sponsorship
Many of our awards are sponsored annually by amazing individuals and valued organisations. An investment of $3300 will sponsor a named Second Chance Education Degree award of $3000 and a contribution of $300 towards the administration of the award. $1100 will fund a Second Chance Education Foundation/Diploma award of $1000 and a contribution of $100 towards the administration of the award. For people or organisations sponsoring more than one award the administration fee is 10% for the first award and 5% for subsequent awards.

Our Commitment to Sponsors

Stewardship of funds
New Horizons for Women Trust: Hine Kahukura has a good record for stewardship of funds entrusted to it. We manage endowment funds and seek excellent professional investment advice. The volunteer Trustees monitor investments and accounts monthly.

Selection of awardees
The quality of our selection process is reflected in the high number of awardees who complete their degree qualifications successfully or complete research projects successfully with published outputs.

Relationship between Sponsor and Awardee
Your sponsored award goes to a successful applicant or group . You will receive information about the awardee and will be invited to attend an award ceremony and present the award. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged on our website and you will receive a report at least annually on the progress of the awardee until her qualification or research is completed. Awards may be made anonymously and in this case you will still receive information on the awardee and her progress, but your details will remain confidential.

Registered charity
New Horizons for Women Trust: Hine Kahukura is a registered Charity. Our Charities Registrations Number is CC23206 Donations over $5 are tax deductible. Contact New Horizons for Women Trust: Hine Kahukura.
For more information about sponsoring an award please contact us.