Sonja Davies Peace Award

The Sonja Davies Peace Award promotes initiatives that advance peace in New Zealand. The award is available to a woman or group led by a woman who are developing an initiative that will help them create a more peaceful world at home, school, the workplace, or in the community. 


The Sonja Davies Peace Award was established as a tribute to the life and work of Sonja Davies, to acknowledge her contribution to the advancement of women and her commitment to peace. The Trust gratefully acknowledges the generous sponsorship of individuals and organisations who made the Sonja Davies Peace Award possible. Donations to this fund are welcome.


Past Awardee

Liz Remmerswal Hughes expressed her gratitude when receiving the 2017 Sonja Davies Peace award and since. The award enabled her to undertake two peace training opportunities in the United States as well as attending the triennial congress of WILPF USA in Chicago. Liz looks forward to using  the new skills she learnt during these studies to contribute to making progress together towards ridding the world of war and creating a culture of peace.

Barbara Francis holding her new book, Wellington award ceremony 2017

Guest Speaker Barbara Francis (previous Award recipient) spoke at the 2017 Wellington Award ceremony about her recently published book.  She said researching and publishing the book was a long, and at times, very scary endeavour.  The award “gave a gold card holder the confidence to take on new horizons”.