Teupoko’ina Utanga Morgan Memorial Awards

There are two types of Awards given in the name of Teupoko'ina Utanga Morgan

  • Second- chance Education award for a Pasifika woman studying early childhood education
  • An Innovation award for a Pasifika woman or group undertaking an innovative project in early childhood education

The awards on offer depends on the available funds . Some years both awards will be offered and other years only one may be offered. On occassions neither award will be offered while the funds are accumulating.


Previous Awardees

In 2017 a group at Tatai Angitu, e3@maassey, Massey University received the Teupoko'ina Tanga Morgan Innovation award. The award enabled the group to undertake research into effective socio-cultural literacy and numeracy practices within Pasifika early childhood services.   Through Ministry based PLD programmes in literacy and numeracy were able to put their findings into practice and strengthening approaches when working with Pasifika communities. 

The next step will be the implementation of the programme with the teachers, children and whanau at Malamalama Moni.  The Tātai Angitu facilitator will work face to face to support the teachers to identify and extend on current literacy and numeracy practices within the setting.  Goal setting will inform actions and from here parent workshops will be developed and developed and delivered to support engagement of early literacy practices within the home environment.

The time spent in the research and planning phase should contribute to the facilitation within the early childhood service, strengthening the content delivered to teachers, children and families.  

Michaela Taranaki is supported by her little ones as she receives the 2018 Second-chance Education Award funded from the Teupoko'ina Utanga Morgan Memorial Fund from Elizabeth McEwan of PACIFICA